Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mini KMS Activator 1.072

Mini-KMS Activator - allows you to activate all volumes version of the new product line from Microsoft, is the new Microsoft Office 2010 as well as Windows 7 Professional (Volume), and Windows 7 Enterprise (Volume).
In September and April 2010, you have represented these mini-KMS activators for corporate Microsoft products from FreeSoft. Since that time has passed quite some time, have a lot of suggestions and proposals for improvement of these activators, and that's based on your wishes FreeSoft released updated versions of these activators.
Activator works on any digit (x86/x64) Office 2010 and Windows 7.
Activator has the following functions:
- Activate the corporate version of Office 2010 line, and Windows 7;
- Check the status of activating volume editions of Office 2010 line, and Windows 7;

- Trial reset line of Office 2010 and Windows 7.
What's new in Version: 1.072
- Unified GUI. Mapping functions of the activator depends on installed products and opportunities to work with them.
- At the time of release improves compatibility KMS server with antivirus software.
- Activation is performed through the WMI interface and services OSPPsvc SPPsvc (SLsvc).
- The functions of the "Windows rearm" the trial added to the installation key after a reboot.
- Added function to create a task scheduler "Trial reset every 30 days."
- Added function to create a restore point in Windows.
- Added option to create / restore the backup license files to Office 2010 (actual for Retail-Version).
- Added ability to run a script treatment for the complete removal products Microsoft Office (2003, 2007, 2010).
- Added install KMS server as a Windows service to run on a computer server (providing the necessary exceptions in the firewall Windows).
- Added ability to activate VOLUME Windows VL and Office 2010 VL using client settings (Specify the required parameters for activation with a KMS emulator installed on your computer - a server on the LAN).
- Added ability to activate VOLUME Windows VL VL and Office 2010 with "underground" on-line KMS servers.
- Added ability to activate Windows VL and Office 2010 VL with
KMS servers specified in the list of the user.
- Added test online KMS servers and file servers from the list
on the user's response on port 1688 (the function is called using the key ["online test"]).
- Added a new key management (for details see [/] or [/ help]).
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