Monday, May 9, 2011

Corel Write

Corel Write is slick, well laid-out document processing software. If you like Microsoft Word, then Corel Write is a great option. It has some comparable features and a modern look.
Usability of Corel Write:
One of the reasons Corel Write is so much like Microsoft Word is because it has the same tab-style menu and aesthetically pleasing buttons and color pallet. This layout is very easy to use, even for new computer users.
Basic Features of Corel Write:
The software also has many of the same basic features as Microsoft Word. One new feature is the Recent Files and Folders menu that is located on the right side of the screen. This is a handy feature if you are constantly opening and closing files while you work. This menu keeps a list of recent files with links that can be clicked on to open.

Editing Tools in Corel Write:
Unfortunately, Corel Write lacks many of the editing tools that make Word, and other word processing software, so helpful.
Students and others that write research papers will lament the lack of citation and bibliography features that make scouring information infinitely easier.
Those that share their documents with others will find the lack of tracking or notation features disheartening.
Most importantly, Corel lacks a dictionary look-up feature that allows you to find the meaning of a word and synonyms and/or antonyms.
Unlike most word processing software, though, Corel Write can automatically correct grammatical and spelling errors in English, Spanish, German and French. This can be a great feature for bilingual users or for those that are learning a new language.
Publishing/Print Options:
Corel Write has very few publishing options, which is fine for those that want to create and print simple documents and aren’t worried about creating blog posts or faxes.
Insert Tools:
Though Corel Write lacks a drawing tool and word art, it does have most of the insertion tools that you will find in other word processing software such as graphics, charts, diagrams, shapes and more.
File Formats supported by Corel Write:
This word processing software is great if you only deal with Microsoft Word files. Otherwise, you will have problems opening and saving files in other formats such as WordPerfect or Microsoft Works. Fortunately, it can save files in plain text and rich text formats, which are usually compatible with other word processing software.
If you are looking for a word processing program that has the look and feel of Word without all of the bells and whistles, then Corel Write will be the perfect choice for you. It is simple enough for the casual user and intuitive enough for the new user.

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